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Vision of YadA

Become a system solution expert with intelligent power distribution as the main direction.

Become an internationally competitive enterprise

Elegant Reach mission

Shareholders feel that this is a company worth investing.

Customers think this is a trustworthy company.

Employees feel that this is a company that can fight for it and feel proud and proud.

Dedicated to providing cost-effective products.

nucleus Value of mind

Loyalty Dedication and win-win cooperation

Elegant Da culture

Sincerity Honest, modest and open-minded.

Enterprise Industry positioning

electric Force intelligent measurement and control instrument specialist, professional manufacturer of power measurement and control field

through Camp concept

Developing market with quality and establishing brand with sincerity

Contact us

Address: 龙电竞 Industrial Park, Gao Pu Gang, Yuan Cheng District, Heyuan, Guangdong.

Switchboard: 86-762-3493888

Sales Department: 86-762-3493871 (domestic) 3496222 (International)

Technical support: 4008-3008-68

Fax: 86-762-3493912

Zip code: 517000

龙电竞 in the world

龙电竞 International Service Department

龙电竞 Vietnam Representative Office

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