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Respect for talents, respect for individuality, collective struggle and full mobilization of the enthusiasm of all staff are the inherent requirements for the sustainable development of YadA company.

The company's human resources concept is: people-oriented, good use of people, integrity first, performance oriented, pay attention to training, establish a market-oriented salary system, establish a performance oriented assessment system, strengthen wolf culture, and maximize shareholder value and employee value.

The company is committed to achieving the following objectives in human resources management:

1, build a reasonable human resource management system, embody the concept of "people-oriented", cultivate and develop employees in use, so that employees and enterprises can grow together.

2, the establishment of the "龙电竞" characteristics of the employing and retaining mechanism, forming a large number of talented people, and promote the sustainable development of the company.

3, ensure that all personnel regulations conform to the relevant regulations of the state and the local authorities.

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