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I. training objectives
1, according to the development strategy of enterprises, we should closely combine training objectives with the objectives of enterprise development, carry out full staff training around enterprise development, and constantly explore innovative training forms.
2, combine training with human resources development to expand the depth and connotation of training.
3, implement full staff training, establish training effect and incentive linkage mechanism, and build a platform for learning and knowledge-based enterprises.
Two, training purposes
1, reach a recognition and recognition of company culture, values and development strategies.
2, master the company's rules and regulations, post responsibilities and work essentials, so as to enable new employees to adapt and be competent for their jobs as soon as possible.
3, improve staff performance, strengthen responsibility awareness, safety awareness and quality awareness, establish efficiency principle and benefit principle.
4, enhance the ability of employees to perform their duties and responsibilities of their masters, correct their work attitude, enhance their enthusiasm for work, cultivate team spirit and form good working habits.
5, improve staff's learning ability and knowledge level, enhance their career development ability, and create a favorable environment and conditions for personal progress and enterprise development.
6, improve the overall quality of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of enterprises.
Three, according to the company management manual, training principles track new trends in the industry, grasp new knowledge, find out the gaps, what to learn, what to fill, what to do, and how to use them first.
Four. Organization of training
1, the staff training work under the unified arrangement of the company is managed by the Ministry of human resources, unified planning, various departments perform their duties and organizations, and the employees cooperate with each other. The human resources department is mainly responsible for the training of the public part and the theoretical part and the professional part, and the actual operation part is organized by the Department for training.
2. At the end of each year, according to the company's next year's development plan, business objectives and assessment indicators, the Ministry of human resources will draw up the company's annual training plan and report it to the company for approval and implementation.
3. According to the company's training plan, the Ministry of human resources makes the annual training syllabus, clearly defines the purpose, content, time, instrucer, curriculum requirements and acceptance criteria of the training, and reports it to the human resources department for examination and approval, and then implements it after the approval of the company leader.
4, training and teaching should be implemented to people. When necessary, the lecturers should be organized to give lectures. Experts and professors should be invited for approval.
5, the Ministry of human resources set up enterprise training resource system, completes teaching plan arrangement, improves training material base, training case database and examination questions database, laying the foundation for continuous training.
6, the training and implementation departments should do well in classroom management, prepare teaching materials, ensure a good environment, and prepare necessary training equipment and auxiliary materials.
7, employees enjoy the right to participate in training, and also have the obligation to receive training and training others. In addition to actively participating in the training of companies and departments, the company advocates and encourages employees to learn autonomously in improving their professional knowledge, working skills and overall quality.
8, departments should grasp the trend of training needs in a timely manner and adjust training contents in a timely and reasonable manner on the basis of the company's unified training. Departments can also make training requests and suggestions to the human resources department.

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