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  • YDS8100 intelligent substation monitoring and management system.

    Intelligent transformation and distribution monitoring system is the perfect combination of power and industrial automation monitoring configuration software. It can be widely used in various voltage grade enterprises such as power distribution room, Intelligent Building, municipal construction, intelligent community, school, port, airport and many other fields.

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  • YDS8200 motor protection management system

    As an important power plant in the national economic production process, the operation of motor directly affects various departments of production. The on-line monitoring and protection of motor faults can play an early warning and preventive role, and monitor the running state of motor.

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  • YDS8300 power quality analysis and management system

    The system is mainly based on power quality monitoring, and takes account of the functions of analysis, measurement and assessment, such as steady state, transient state, power supply balance, line loss analysis, etc. After accurately obtaining the information of power quality and electric energy metering of large load equipment, the system is able to obtain the following information.

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  • YDS8400 IDC room power monitoring system.

    龙电竞 electronics is a power supply monitoring integrated solution provider in the communications industry. According to the application needs of the communications industry, the smart precision power distribution monitoring unit developed by its own unique technology in power monitoring and analysis and power electronics has...

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